Magallanes, the last great territory in southern Patagonia, has a rugged orography that gives rise to mountain ranges, fjords, steppes and tundra. The climatic influence contributed by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans determine the life for the plant and animal species that managed to adapt to these latitudes. This diversity of environments allows for a very varied richness of flora and fauna to exist, being enjoyed by the viewer at each of its sites.

“Plumas al Viento” is a set of illustrations by Chilean artist Patricio Paretti, that invites you to discover, from an artistic point of view, various groups of birds characteristic of the Magallanes region. Each one has singularities in its feathering, behavior, physiognomy and abilities; all stimulating for the reader, who will be able to value these species beyond the simple physiognomic or aesthetic perception of the individuals described.

This graphic product, an elegantly crafted postcard, is offered free of charge (while supplies last) at different tourist spots in the Magallanes region. In a complementary way, you can access a simpler digital version of it at this web site.